DIS is not the prefix to my ABILITY

These aren’t people who have not understood that life has a bitter side to it, they too feel the ups downs of life, but they have a strong willpower to outbreak the clutches of disparity and helplessness

Scrolling down for latest news feed you abruptly pause and affix your sight on a story that talks out loud about a person’s achievements.  You take the extra efforts and even post the page on a friend’s wall to spread the inspiration. But what draws more attention is when such a commendable feat is accomplished by people who are, ‘The Specially Abled’.  Others may call their disability as a challenge, but they see it as a gift as it makes them stronger to get around it and smarter to figure out how to use it efficiently.

Being differently abled doesn’t necessarily have to be a full stop in one’s life rather it’s a comma to the beginning of an exclamatory phase. The ingredients to get what you want aren’t always a strongly proportionate frame or coordinating organs, but smartly alternating it with stern determination and a solid willpower does the magic.

By the end of this article that talks about vanquishers creating legends you are ought to be left with Goosebumps.

Hema Subash (Amputee)

It is common for paranoid mother’s to make this statement, ‘It wasn’t an easy task for me to raise you single handed’. Give it a thought to see how tough it would be to bear a child on one leg! Don’t strain yourself to put together that image, because Hema has worked the wonder. Today she enjoys being amused by her little one and is the Founder and Director of OSAAT (One Step At A Time), a support group based at Bengaluru for amputee men and women.

Hema a former software engineer, hit rock bottom as the rear wheel of the bus she got off from work, decimated her left leg into a muddled mess leaving behind a pool of blood and a dangling knee cap.

After amputation Hema got back to her routine with one less limb but a strong determination to live a complete life. She got married to the love of her life and started seeking for a greater cause in life after watching her baby boy outgrow his diaper years. This triggered the birth of OSAAT which has grown to be an active community that reaffirms the life of many to celebrate the joy of living.
Getting to learn about this wonder woman helps me recollect an inspiring quote, “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of the overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve.

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